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Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Auditors

MRAG Asia Pacific requires auditors capable of performing Marine Stewardship Council (MSC; www.msc.org) Chain of Custody Certifications on an as-needed, contractual basis. Audits would be conducted under arrangement with  MRAG Americas, an independent company approved to conduct Chain of Custody certifications in accordance with MSC standards.

Auditors are needed throughout the Asia Pacific Region. 

MRAG Americas, is a third party certification body for the MSC, an independent, global, non-profit organization whose role is to recognize, via a certification program, well-managed fisheries and to harness consumer preference for seafood products bearing the MSC label of approval. 

Auditors will perform Chain of Custody certifications against the MSC Standard. These audits will be conducted for seafood processors, distributors, retailers and restaurants to verify that seafood product labeled as �MSC certified� originated from a fishery certified to the MSC Standard. These audits will include management system and documentation review, traceability verification, weight reconciliation and site visits to view operations and certified product. Auditors will gather evidence and write a summary report of each audit using a template provided by MRAG.

Requires a Bachelors degree or higher. Candidates must have ISO, HACCP, Quality Management Systems, or similar experience to receive consideration. Candidates with experience working with fisheries will receive preference. MRAG will provide auditor training on the MSC Standard.

Contractors will be paid an agreed daily rate consistent with qualifications and the location of the work.

Applications accepted anytime.

Please e-mail a cover letter and CV to Duncan Souter at dsouter@mragasiapacific.com.au.

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